This week we will remove a number of coins from our platform. This means that we will stop selling these coins. This month you can still send and sell them.


Unfortunately, we are forced to delist a number of coins.
We depend on the number of exchanges on which coins are offered.
In some cases, this is limited to only 1 exchange on which there is little trading.
Order books are not filled, which results in a large difference between the market price and the selling price.
As a result, these coins often suffer from a high spread.
Besides that this can be difficult for us, it is often even more annoying for the customer.
The difference between market price and selling price can, therefore, be up to 60% apart.

That is why, from today, we will no longer sell the coins listed below.

  • 2Give (2GIVE)
  • Cloakcoin (CLOAK)
  • Crowd Machine (CMCT)
  • Emercoin (EMC)
  • RevolutionVR (RVR)
  • Salt (SALT)
  • Tokenpay (TPAY)
  • TransferCoin (TX)

It is still possible to sell or send these coins until 6 November.