During the last months, we have seen multiple reports and news articles regarding negative savings interest.

Pay to trust a bank with your savings? It sounds crazy, and it actually is.

At this moment, there are multiple banks in Europe that have implemented negative savings interest.
We can probably expect more to follow in the near future if we have to believe the European Central Bank.

That must be done differently, is what we thought at Bitladon.

If you have kept an eye on our social media channels this past week, you will have noticed that we have added stablecoins to our platform.

The stablecoins that we offer are linked to the value of the US Dollar.
When you invest a thousand dollars into a stablecoin, you will not have the risk of losing savings because of volatility, but still have the benefits of a cryptocurrency.

If you are thinking about putting your savings into cryptocurrency, but you do not want to run the risk of losing money because of the volatility of coins such as the bitcoin, then stablecoins might be a good alternative.

But how nice would it be when you receive interest on your savings?
Well, we have news for you! At Bitladon.com we are going to give interest on your stablecoins!

Let us explain how it works.

How does it work with the 3% interest?

  • Interest is only valid on the four different stablecoins that we offer, not on other currencies. These are: TrueUSD, Dai, Paxos Standard, and TetherUSD
  • To receive interest, the coins must be stored on your Bitcoin Master wallet, as soon as coins are sent to another wallet you will no longer receive interest.
  • The interest will be paid daily and added to your account.
  • The technical updates have already been implemented and the interest is already active!

Receiving interest in your stablecoins is therefore really simple, all you have to do is add stablecoins to your Bitladon account/wallet. That’s all!