In the past year we have expanded our offer to more than 200 different cryptocurrencies. In between there are also a number of coins that have not developed in the course of time or have experienced a much lower trade volume. For this reason we have decided to remove the following coins from our platform.







These coins all suffer from a high difference between the market value and the sales value, this is in some cases up to 50% apart.

What does it mean exactly?

We depend on the number of exchanges on which coins are offered. In some cases this is limited to only 1 stock exchange on which there is little trading. Order books are not filled, which results in a large difference between the market value and the sales value.

I own these coins, what now?

These coins will no longer be sold from today. Do you own these coins? Then you have until January 20, 2020 to sell it. Then there is the possibility until June 23 to send these coins to an external wallet. For Bitladon it entails costs to keep the servers on which the coins are stored online. Therefore, the coins will be permanently removed after 6 months (as of June 23), so make sure you have sold or sent the coins to another wallet before this date.