“We want to create a platform where anyone, experienced or beginner, can get started trading cryptocurrencies”

That was our vision when we started Bitladon in 2017. Bitcoin was still in its infancy as a network, Ethereum was still in development, and other blockchains and applications were not existing yet or still mainly white paper concepts. Despite that, our goal was and still is to make crypto trading accessible for everyone. Bitladon has now grown into a platform offering over 150 different crypto coins.

Six years later and we are at the beginning of a major change. Slowly we will say goodbye to the Bitladon brand and continue under the name BCM. Our website and apps are getting a new name, new logo and new design to better reflect our new identity. We will explain in detail below what this identity means and why Bitladon has made the decision to rebrand to BCM.

Why BCM?

It’s time for us to evolve our brand to better reflect what we stand for and where we want to go. With the rebranding to BCM, we hope to better communicate our vision and mission and better demonstrate our values ​​to our users. We are building so much more than just a crypto platform that Bitladon no longer fully covers our values and we are outgrowing the Bitladon brand and name. BCM gives us the opportunity to better position ourselves as an international player within the space of crypto and blockchain technology. That is why we decided to change our brand from Bitladon to BCM.

BCM originated from our enthusiasm for blockchain and crypto. We want to make crypto and digital ownership accessible for everyone. We do this through education, inspiration and lightning-fast support. With our reliable, trustworthy platform you enter the world of crypto safely and responsibly.

Thank you for choosing us

Focus on our customers. Our commitment to you will not change, regardless of our name. We love hearing from you and will do everything we can to help you. A BCM customer deserves the best help, regardless of the question or language.

Easy and intuitive. Our new BCM platform is super user-friendly and fast. Whether you are just starting your crypto journey or already have experience, at BCM you will find everything you need on one platform.

Safety first. Safety is our top priority. We are registered with The Dutch Central Bank (DNB), hold customer funds 1:1 and manage these funds in a separate Coin Meester foundation for holding third-party funds. This means money held on behalf of BCM customers is accounted for separately from the money owned by BCM and helps to safeguard users’ funds in case of bankruptcy. This means that your balances, both euros and cryptos, are separated as much as possible from BCM’s assets. Only a portion of the credits are held on crypto exchanges for the purpose of buying and selling cryptocurrencies on behalf of our customers. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy, your assets are inaccessible to creditors.

What’s next?

The new branding will be rolled out across France, United Kingdom and Poland in the coming weeks and includes a newly launched website and apps for iOS, Android & web. The improved platform will provide an enhanced experience for customers and be a valuable resource to understand our business, solutions, crypto and the blockchain space. In the coming months BCM will continue to launch the next generation of blockchain products and build on our existing ones. 

BCM is committed to promoting a better understanding and use of blockchain technology and to more transparent agreements and regulations. We do this with integrity, responsibility and a passion for blockchain technology. Are you ready for the future?

BCM: Own your future today